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If you want to really amp up your game, we have a bundle of 100 styled and lifestyle stock photos perfect for bloggers, social media feeds and more.

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100 Stock Photos

What to expect from Sage Media & Marketing

You can expect periodic emails with tips for growing a thriving small business. You can also expect more free stock photos from time to time. Serious! And since we’re trying to build honest relationships, we hope you’ll let us know what kinds of photos you’d like to use for your business and we’ll see if we can make it happen. Let’s commit right now to work with each other.

A bit about Sage Media and Marketing

Make your life easier while growing your business and brand

You’re ready to invest in yourself and your business but it’s hard when you see your to-do list getting longer and your goals feeling far off in the distance.

Our specialty is looking after your digital strategy and content creation needs so you have time to focus on what you do best.

Meet Jennifer Pinkerton

Professional photographer and visual artist. For the past decade she has honed her skills and delighted clients with her signature velvety, moody, romantic images. She’s an expert at bringing people’s true beauty to light by highlighting who they are at their core.

Meet Robyn Roste

Professional writer and marketing strategist. Since 2006 she’s used her journalism training in marketing, blogging, podcasting, and helping others share their story. She’s an expert at taking a pile of unorganized ideas and shaping them into powerful communication tools.

Our marketing courses and consulting help you see the opportunities that already exist for your business and innovate strategies to help make those opportunities work for you.