Welcome to this free training on how to take better selfies! In this one-hour video training you’ll learn how to look amazing in selfies, how to know your angles, how to watch your light, how to use portrait mode and how to be happy so you look happy.

Taking Better Selfies Free Training

How to Take Better Selfies

This workshop was recorded live as part of our 2020 pandemic training series leading up to Black Friday, so you may hear some references to that and our course, Take Excellent Photos with Your Phone. That said, the selfie training is timeless.

Enjoy this free training for the next 72 hours as our gift to you! And if you like what you see, consider purchasing one of our courses or signing up for our email list, if you haven’t already.

Here at Sage Media & Marketing, we’re all about finding ways to use the tools we already have on hand to help our businesses thrive. And taking photos for social media is no different.

Taking decent selfies, for better or worse, are one of those things businesses or brands should have in their toolkit.

There are definitely dos and don’ts when you go to take a selfie—but you don’t need to be a professional to figure it out. That’s what we’re here for!

Enjoy this free training on how to take a good selfie

By the way, if you want to go deeper make sure to check out our training on how to take your own headshots.

Robyn and Jennifer Sage Media & Marketing

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Meet Robyn Roste (left)

Robyn is a professional writer and marketing strategist. Since 2006 she’s used her journalism training in marketing, blogging, podcasting, and helping others share their story. She’s an expert at taking a pile of unorganized ideas and shaping them into powerful communication tools.

Meet Jennifer Pinkerton (right)

Jennifer is a professional photographer and visual artist. For the past decade she has honed her skills and delighted clients with her signature velvety, moody, romantic images. She’s an expert at bringing people’s true beauty to light by highlighting who they are at their core.