How to Compress Your Blog Images

If you’re a blogger, you need to learn how to compress your blog images to speed up your website load time, free up space on your server, and improve visitor experience.  (And if you’re a blogger and need FREE stock images for your blog, you can download our free stock images here.)

But, chances are, the idea of adding another step to your blogging workflow sounds difficult and overwhelming and even though you know you need to optimize your photos you just haven’t made the effort to do so.

High resolution, full-size images are slowing down your website.

High resolution, full-size images are bloat on your server.

You need to compress your photos. It’s easy and it makes a BIG difference in the file size. The EXACT SAME FILE is a fraction of the size once compressed AND (if you do it correctly), you lose little-to-no functionality.

Check out this comparison:

A little fine print: In all these examples, I have resized the image to 2000px wide.  At that size and compression, I can still print my photos at 8×10.  

Compressing your images (also known as optimizing or resizing) is like eating only the top layer of a chocolate cake: you get all the benefits of a delicious treat, but not all the excess calories.  You have the image but without the unnecessary layers of information that weigh down the photo and slow down your website.

How to Compress Blog Images Using Blogstomp

My preference for compressing blog images is Blogstomp.  It’s an inexpensive software that allows you to compress your blog images (AND create collages, if that’s your thing) in a quick click! It does the work for you on multiple images with just a quick click.  Read that again: batch compress your images with BlogStomp.

I go through the details of how to compress images with blogstomp here and I also include a screenshot below of my output settings for easy access.

How to Compress Blog Images Using JPEG Mini

JPEG Mini Pro is a similar software, but does not have the collage-creation option that Blogstomp offers.  For that reason, I do prefer Blogstomp but JPEGmini offers an excellent option too.

How to Compress Blog Images Using Photoshop Elements

If you already own and use Photoshop Elements, this could be the most economical option for you.  However, it does not offer the option to batch your compressing efforts; the time saved by using Blogstomp will be well worth the cost of purchasing the software. Promise.


If you’re not already compressing your images before uploading to the internet, you need to start NOW.

Download your free trial of Blogstomp and JPEGmini to get started.

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  1. Thank you for letting Gretchen give links to your site. I was going to buy “ Blogstopm” but am not sure 2hich program to buy. ( cheap, please!) It almost looks like ‘ Storytailor” is the new Blogstomp? I need something really easy … have been using Photoshop Elements( long story). But it sounds like one of these Blogstopm products would be faster. Would like to stay in the $100 or less range. Gretchen is my “ tech coach” for re-launching my blog. I’m pretty much a techno idiot! Your advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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