Want to know how to price your work so you actually make money?

If you cringe when you hear terms like “cost of doing business” and “cash flow” and “bookkeeping,” you are a completely normal creative entrepreneur.

If you scramble at the end of every tax year to scrounge up enough information to make it through the paperwork, you might be a completely stressed creative entrepreneur.

And if you have no idea what to charge for your services and cringe whenever you put words to that number, we’re pretty sure your world will be rocked by this course.






Take Excellent Photos with your Phone with Sage Media and Marketing

There are two main types of amateur photographers: those who take too many photos they don’t need, and those who don’t take enough and miss out on documenting memories.

When you don’t know how to take a good photo, and you have no clue what goes into creating a beautiful composition, taking photos may seem like a task in futility. But photos are so important! No matter if it’s capturing a beautiful moment in time, or documenting your family life for the next generation, it’s important to take photos you can cherish for years to come.

We think you should take photos, lots of photos, but only if they’re the right kind of photos. What are those? Ones you’ll want to look at in five years from now.

When you know the basics of photography, and understand how to use your cell phone camera properly, your photos will change forever.

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