Do you have a business or a hobby?

Do you have a business or a hobby?

If you’ve been wondering if your art is a business or a hobby, know that you’re not alone. This is the fundamental question you must ask and answer if you’re ever to make progress on your business…and it’s the freedom and release of pressure you desire if it’s a hobby. Read the four comparison statements and see which ones you resonate most with. Answer honestly and by the end you’ll know whether you have a business or a hobby.


You intend to make a profit one day OR You don’t care if you make a profit or not.


You engage in your activity with continuity and regularity OR You engage in your activity when you have time or feel inspired.


You depend on the income from your activity OR You don’t need the income from your activity, although you don’t mind it.


You’re willing to take action to improve profitability OR You’re happy with the way things are and don’t feel the need to do more.

If you lean towards the first statement, you have a business on your hands. If you lean more towards the second statement, it’s a hobby. Both are fantastic, but you do need to know what you’re dealing with so you know how to move forward. We hope this brings some clarity to you!