Steal this Strategy to Wow Your Social Media Followers

We speak with a lot of people who feel overwhelmed with putting together copy for their social media posts.

Can you relate?

But here’s the thing, copywriting isn’t rocket science and it’s something you can learn how to do.

You just need a system.

Steal these strategies to wow your social media followers

Use this content strategy and never stress about what to write again

OK, perhaps this is overstating a bit but the truth is, if you’re struggling to put together a week’s worth of posts or it is taking you HOURS and hours to write a caption…you’re doing it wrong.

Sorry, you’re overthinking it.

But it’s fine! You’re a normal human being.

And we’re here to help you move past this hurdle.

Below are five different types of social media content. All you need to do, is develop a schedule rotating through these five types and you’ll have a most excellent feed.

Just make sure what you post is for your followers. Think about what will interest them and then deliver it.

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The five types of content

I’ve heard these called pillars but you can call them whatever makes the most sense to you.

For a well-balanced business profile, here’s what you need.

Oh yes, if you have a personal profile…don’t worry about your content. It’s for personal use, so post what you love…post when you feel like it, or don’t.

Engaging content—20%

One of the biggest factors in profile growth (and sales) is follower engagement.

And how do you get engagement? By posting engaging content.

Engaging posts are pointed and can be answered quickly.

Seems simple but…not always easy.

You do need to get your followers in the habit of commenting, which comes after time. After you engage them.

Here are a few ideas for creating engaging content
  • Opinion polls (keep it low commitment!)
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Questions (again, keep them easy to answer…not too personal)
  • Unpopular opinions

Task: brainstorm engaging content you can share with your followers.

Promotional content—20%

You have something to sell. You have a business. But you’re terrified to promote yourself or your business on social media.


I mean, this is the most common comment we receive from clients.

They don’t want to bother people.

They don’t want to offend anybody.

Or is it they don’t want to be visible?

It’s true, you can go overboard with promotional content, but you can also go underboard if you never talk about your business.

How can people hire you or purchase from you if you never tell them what you’re about?

If you keep your promo copy to about 20% (1/5) of your social media posts, this is a nice balance. Aim for that.

Here are a few ideas for creating promotional content
  • Talk about your product or service
  • Tell people about your freebie (also called an opt-in or a lead magnet)
  • Promote your email list or newsletter
  • Running a sale or limited-time promotion? NOW IS THE TIME

Task: brainstorm promotional content you can share with your followers.

Five Types of Social Media Content

Educational content—20%

You know your niche or industry better than anyone, now it’s time to showcase it.

Educational content allows you to shine by highlighting your knowledge and showcasing your expertise.

A common objection we hear to this type of content is you may not feel like you’re an expert in your area.

That’s OK! You don’t have to be the absolute top of your field.

But do you know something? Talk about that.

Chances are, you’re a few steps ahead of someone. Teach what you know, and grow from there.

Your big objective: focus on helping your ideal customer. Show them you can be trusted to deliver on your product or service.

Here are a few ideas for creating educational content
  • Tutorials
  • Recommended products/tools to uplevel your business
  • Quick tips

Task: brainstorm educational content you can share with your followers.

Entertaining content—20%

What is your brand personality? You may not be outrageous or vulgar (although, you might be) but there is a lighter side to your serious brand.

There must be! Dig deep!

Think about what would be entertaining for your target market. Are you able to find content that is appropriate for your brand, supports your business AND entertains? That’s the golden triangle!

Even if you have a sombre, professional brand…you should still be able to have fun.

OK, objecter, funish. Find something funish.

Here are a few ideas for creating entertaining content
  • Wishing people happy holidays (for real or fake holidays)
  • Memes (can’t find one? MAKE ONE)
  • Funny Gifs or videos that relate to your business or brand
  • Behind the scenes (showcase your humanness)

Task: brainstorm entertaining content you can share with your followers.

Related content—20%

This may seem counter-intuitive to think about sharing content from your community when you’re trying to 1) get people to purchase from you and 2) showcase your expertise, but sharing other people’s content is a smart move.

Why? It shows you’re a member of the community and it demonstrates your support of others in it.

Now, perhaps you don’t share content from a direct competitor, someone who does the exact same thing as you…but what about sharing something that will compliment your product or service?

Wouldn’t that be helpful to your audience? (The answer is yes!)

But this is only one type of other, related content you can share.

Here are a few ideas for curating other content
  • News articles or industry trends in your niche
  • Re-share posts from people you want your brand to be aligned with
  • Events your audience will be interested in

Task: brainstorm related content you can share with your followers.

Stock photos

By the way, this post is helping you sort out social media captions but if you’re stuck for images, let Sage Media and Marketing show you how to continue coming up with excellent posts week after week. Start with these beautiful stock photos and create a gorgeous social media presence today!

Just fill in the form and we’ll send you 10 free stock photos!

See? Not as overwhelming anymore.

Of course, you still need to figure out what your ideal/target audience wants and that will take some trial and error. But we’re here for it! Let us know how we can help.

What to read next: How to Use Stock Images.

Create a Reliable Social Media Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

Creating a social media marketing strategy isn’t as tough as it sounds

However, social media marketing can be overwhelming. The more experts and gurus you listen to, the more steps there seems to be to reach the social media success train. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s your five step social media strategy, aka what to focus on when you don’t have time to be social.

Five Step Social Media Strategy

    1. Decide on your objectives

Your options are endless here, but the key is choosing a goal. What are your social media goals? Why are you posting? You need something to keep you focused on the big picture so you keep moving towards your writing/business targets.

A few objectives ideas: build your online profile, build brand visibility, networking, reach new clients/readers, stay connected with current clients/readers, launch products/books/services.

Remember: choose one and work on that first. Once you feel like you’ve mastered that objective move on to another, then another.

    1. Choose your social networks

We know. You don’t have to be everywhere. However. You do need to be online. It’s where the marketplace is. So you must choose where to spend your social time/energy. There is a lot of advice out there for which networks have the biggest payoff but you will need to decide for yourself what works. A couple questions to consider when choosing your social networks: Where are you most comfortable online? Where are your customers most comfortable online?

Remember: choose one social network and work on that first. Once you feel like you’ve mastered that social network move on to another, then another.

    1. Complete your social media profiles

Not only complete, but optimize. How? Read our post on optimizing your social media profiles.

Looking for the quick fix? Here are the main points.

      • Choose a professional/standout profile picture and cover photo
      • Make it easy for people to know who you are/what you do
      • Link to your website
      • Include keywords about your services
      • Be clear on your location/contact info

Remember: The most important thing when optimizing your social profiles is consistency across platforms. Each network has its own rules for how long your bio can be, what sort of profile image works, and where your website link goes, but if you can keep more or less consistent then you’re on the right track.

    1. Interact with your audience

The point of social media is to be social. And we know, you don’t have time to be social. Do you have 15 minutes? Spend 15 minutes a day checking into your two or three chosen social networks and leave comments, reply to comments, and lend your expertise whenever convenient. This will expedite your brand building like nothing else will.

Remember: You’re not on social media to sell. You’re here to be social. Offer value, compliments, and help. Sales will follow.

    1. Build your promotion strategy

All along we’ve been talking about how you DON’T sell on social media. But you do need promotion. There is a difference.

In most cases, clients/readers need to know, like, and trust you before they’ll hire you/buy your book. In a virtual world, how do you make this happen? You need a strategy for converting warm leads into customers and retaining existing customers.

If you can stay in touch in a consistent, helpful, positive way, people who visit your website or connect with you on social will get to know you and will develop trust in you and your brand.

You’ll need to figure out a few things you can do to make people feel special, noticed, and important. Here are some ideas.

Passive ways to stay in touch

      • Posting regular blog/website content
      • Posting regular social content
      • Share real-life tips and tricks from behind the scenes of your business
      • Commenting on/liking/sharing others’ posts on social media

Active ways to stay in touch

      • Build an engaged email list and connect consistently
      • Send handwritten notes or cards
      • Live streaming—doesn’t get much more personal than that!
      • Initiate communication
      • Send an article you think your contact would appreciate (personal touch)
      • Become a connector—in helping your connections cross-promote or develop business otherwise (even if it’s without you) you will build so much good will
      • Share gratitude and compliments—recognize others, say thank you, give sincere, public displays of affection

Remember: choose one and work on that first. Once you feel like you’ve mastered that strategy move on to another, then another.

There, of course, is more. But you don’t have to do it all today. If you’re feeling like you don’t have time to be on social media or you’re overwhelmed with where to start, then please implement this five step social media strategy. It WILL help you! And if you are just plain stuck then we can help. All you have to do is get in touch.